Once upon a time, it was considered a dream life to go to school, find a stable career and be loyal to that company for over half of your life in hopes of a pension that will allow you to retire in relative comfort as long as you don't outlive your fixed income.  For many generations this was life.  For even more generations, this scenario was not a reality designed for them due to social restraints based on race, sex and cultural beliefs.  Even with its exceptions, the lifestyle of working '9 to 5', tampering expectations and playing it safe has remained to many, the masterplan that was assigned to them. 

Man plans, God laughs.  Humanity itself is at a crossroads of what it plans to become. Each day we must define who we are or else run the risk of the world assigning us the basic assignment of existence.  Change is painful and long-coming, but necessary to move forward.  People are realizing that life is one big discomfort zone that must be embraced in order to discover meaning. Never before have so many people in cultures across the world questioned and sought meaning for their life.  People are making more efforts to live a life of purpose, while developing their physical health, mental well-being and spiritual connection.  

We can no longer afford to live life passively as our current circumstances are forcing each one of us to draw a line in the sand.  A secure job and hoping for the best will not be enough moving forward.  Hopes of financial gains and running away from the problems of the world is just an empty fantasy.  Only lifting up ourselves is not enough.  We must lift up the communities and cultures that sustain us.  Current times are challenging us to be braver, more open-minded and conscious of EVERYTHING we do. We have a clean slate each day to determine who we are.

This is bigger than money and prestige.  9252 serves to promote LIFE.  Living to the fullest doesn't mean you have to be a billionaire.  Did you challenge yourself to be better today no matter what happens? Have you helped someone else in need during your day?  Did you make a goal to make someone smile or think before the day is over.  This is the assignment we all face.  Will we work a 9 to 5 just to survive and continue existing or work 9252 to LIVE.

9252 represents the most important resource we have...time.  An infinite resource for finite lives.  Time slows for no one, nor will it be rushed.  Time is a blank canvas giving us each a chance to define it.  Where we spend our time, how we spend it and who we spend it with reveals what is truly precious to each of us.  What experience is calling you?  Will you use your time to work, love, create or simply exist?  We have so many hours in a day to experience the spectrum of life.  Make living your full time job.

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