Video games and hip-hop culture have many things in common, such as previous generations thinking both were fads and anyone treating either of these activities more than a hobby was wasting their time. Both cultures started their major ascension in the 1980's and due to major leaps in technology.
The Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized home gaming systems into the multi-billion dollar industry it is now. The MPC-3000 changed how hip-hop producers were able to manipulate music to define the sound of the culture. Both pieces of equipment have evolved in several different ways as both cultures expand, but this is to pay homage to a dream revision console that combines the best of both worlds.
This mash-up is dedicated to those on their passionate hustles with video game streaming channels as well as the universal beat makers.
Up to 50% of all monthly revenue from this design will go towards causes that encourage youth towards pursuits in arts, math and science!