Collection: SP 120/80

 Hip-Hop is officially approaching 50.  The same age where it's crucial for us to know our bodies just as well as we remember the lyrics to our favorite song.  We also must know our numbers...weight blood pressure, blood sugar and all that fun stuff!  One of the best ways to keep your numbers in check is to keep moving!  What better way to do that than with music made by the SP-1200 sampler, a music device synonymous with the Golden Era of Hip Hop! 

This mashup of the blood pressure cuff and one of the most iconic pieces of music production equipment is in tribute to the Hip Hop icons we lost too soon to various health issues.  Whether it be heart disease, stroke, addiction, obesity or other morbid factors, we have lost hip hop legends at young ages to these ailments.  With Covid having more of an impact with co-morbidity factors such as those just mentioned, it's important now, more than ever, to fight for our vitality.  

10% of all monthly revenue for this design will go towards causes that promote health resources in under-served areas across the country.